SUBMISSIONs - Gallery exhibitions

The Exhibition Committee welcomes submissions from artists interested in presenting an exhibition of their work at Blue Sky. Hundreds of submissions are received each year, and every proposal is reviewed equally.

If you would like to submit a proposal for consideration, please ensure that your work meets these guidelines before uploading files and filling out the online form below:

• To be considered for exhibition, all artwork must be photo- or video-based. Peruse our online archive of past exhibitions to see the breadth of photographic and video work shown at Blue Sky.

• Submit between 20 and 30 images from a single body of work. Smaller bodies of work may be considered but are rarely accepted.

• If you would like the Exhibition Committee to consider more than one body of work as separate exhibitions, please submit each series individually.

• The Exhibition Committee reviews proposals projected onto a screen; keep this in mind when formatting images for submission. The preferred format is a single horizontal 8.5” x 11” pdf document, with one image per page on a black background with no borders. Alternatively, you may submit a single zip file containing individual jpg files at 72 ppi with 11″ as the largest dimension. All images should be free of watermarks. Please be sure that the total size of your uploaded files does not exceed 10MB. Only submissions received in one of the formats described above will be reviewed.

• For videos, please submit a single zip file containing your video(s) or a pdf document with a link to view your video(s) online.

• The Exhibition Committee welcomes a concise artist statement and CV submitted in electronic format as part of your proposal.

• The Exhibition Committee will not review work that does not meet these guidelines. Blue Sky cannot respond to inquiries about the status of a submission, nor is the Exhibition Committee able to offer feedback or reasoning for rejected submissions.

Being a Blue Sky member is not a prerequisite for consideration, but everyone is encouraged to join and help support Blue Sky’s nonprofit mission.