About Blue Sky

Blue Sky, image © Ferit Kuyas

About Blue Sky

Founded as the Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts by a group of five young photographers in 1975, Blue Sky became an established venue for local photography. Over the course of four decades, the organization expanded its offerings to include national and international artists, many of whom exhibited at Blue Sky early in their careers.

Blue Sky’s special endeavor continues to be the exhibition of emerging and established artists that exemplify the finest in photographic vision and innovation. As such, Blue Sky has earned the accolade as having “the best record of discovering new photographers of any artists’ space in the country.”

Today, from a 3,700-square-foot facility in Portland’s historic DeSoto Building, Blue Sky presents between 20 and 30 exhibitions annually, maintains a public research library, showcases regional photographers in an annual juried archive of original works in its Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers, and offers regular artist talks and programs—all free to the public.

Blue Sky’s Mission

Blue Sky’s mission is to educate the public about photography through exhibitions and publications; to further the careers and artistic development of the artists shown; to create a dialogue among artists and between artists and the public; and to leave a concrete permanent record of their work through print and digital publications.

Blue Sky’s Core Values

EXCELLENCE, in artistic practice, in nonprofit administration, and in the production of exhibitions and publications;

INTEGRITY, in transparent operations, in community relations, and in the creative endeavor;

RESPECT, for the history of photography, for Blue Sky’s longevity and collaborative traditions, and for the diverse community of individuals who support and are represented by the organization.


Image of Blue Sky © Ferit Kuyas.