Alejandra Laviada

Geometry of Space

“As with the rest of my work, these images lie at the intersection between painting,
photography and sculpture. By composing and layering the images inside the
camera, the photographic medium and process become like a painter’s blank
canvas. The camera is, by nature, a representational device, but it can also abstract
and reveal an alternate reality invisible to the naked eye.”

Inspired by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy’s paintings of intersecting geometric planes,
Geometry of Space is a series of sculptural compositions created in-camera by
layering multiple exposures within single images. The geometric forms in Alejandra
’s vibrant color prints appear to be suspended in space, yet the images are
constructed entirely without digital manipulation. As she makes each exposure,
Laviada alters her vantage point to change the scale, transparency, or shape of
each object, while simultaneously employing filters to affect the color of each
layer. Because each photograph is made using film, much of the work requires
careful planning, but the artist also leaves some elements of the creative process
to chance. Laviada’s painterly approach to photography mirrors Moholy-Nagy’s,
who, as a photographer as well as a painter, believed that “the camera should be
liberated from its role of recording the natural world in order to create abstract
pictures of light and form.”

Alejandra Laviada (b. 1980) is an artist living and working in Mexico City where she is a
member of the photography collective POC. She completed her BFA in Painting at the Rhode
Island School of Design and received an MFA in photography from the School of Visual Arts
in New York. In 2010, Laviada won the Photography Biennial in Mexico City, and in 2009 she
was awarded Photo España’s Descubrimientos Prize for her Photo Sculpture series. She is also
the recipient of the FONCA Young Creators grant for 2012–13. Her work has been exhibited
widely, and has been shown in various photography festivals including Hyeres, The New York
Photo Festival, Photo España, and Guatephoto, among others. Geometry of Space is Laviada’s
second solo show at Blue Sky.