Eunjong Lee

Seoul Phsiognomy

What is the face of Seoul? What is its character? How does our memory of a
place impact the reality of what we see today?

Eunjong Lee’s large-scale color prints in Seoul Physiognomy depict the changing
landscape of Seoul, South Korea, while also expressing Lee’s own uncertainty
about this change. Taken at face value, it is an exploration of the geometry of
a city, where rooftops, roads, and infrastructure meld into a sea of lines and
shapes. Looking deeper, the series is a reflection on our own understanding of
self in relation to a city that has become increasingly unfamiliar.

Eunjong Lee is a photographer living and working in Seoul, South Korea. She graduated
with an MA in Photography & Visual Media from Sang-Myung University in Seoul. Her work
has been featured in various solo and group exhibitions worldwide at venues such as the
Houston Center for Photography in Houston, Texas; Talmart Galerie in Paris, France; Pine
Street Creative Arts Centre in Sydney, Australia; Hannover Messe in Hannover, Germany;
the Higashikawa Foto Festival in Hokkaidou, Japan; and the Fotofo festival in Bratislava,
Slovakia. In 2008 Lee also curated and exhibited her work in The Game of Places group show
at UTS Gallery in Sydney, Australia. This is Lee’s first solo exhibition in the United States.



2017Blue SkyEunjong Lee