Natalie Krick


Natural Deceptions

March 7–31, 2019

“My mother, my sister, and I perform for each other, for the camera, and ultimately for you. We impersonate each other and ourselves, emulating imagery that taught us to be beautiful.”

Natalie Krick’s series Natural Deceptions is a playful, performative exploration of identity in relation to cultural expectations of feminine beauty and sexuality. Made in collaboration with her mother and sister, Krick employs the visual languages of fashion photography and celebrity portraiture. However, the visual complexity of her multilayered, vibrant portraits reveals a decidedly female gaze behind the camera, one that eschews hypersexualization or idealization of the female body. Instead, Krick reveals photography’s role in the creation of these optical illusions within popular culture.

Natalie Krick (b. 1986 in Portland, Oregon) currently lives in Seattle, Washington. She received her BFA in photography from the School of Visual Arts in 2008 and her MFA in photography from Columbia College Chicago in 2012. She has recently exhibited at SOIL Gallery in Seattle; Webber Represents in London; Aperture Gallery in New York; and Weinberg/Newton Gallery in Chicago. In 2015 she received an Individual Photographer’s Fellowship from the Aaron Siskind Foundation and in 2017 she received the Aperture Portfolio Prize for Natural Deceptions.