Jim Vecchi

so much depends . . .

August 5 - 29, 2010

Photographer Jim Vecchi created a series of round images, each 4 inches in diameter, in honor of the American poet William Carlos Williams (1883-1963) and his famous poem, "The Red Wheelbarrow."  Titled with the first line of the work, Vecchi's "so much depends . . ." takes an artistic cue from a text about the poem by Cleanth Brooks and Robert Penn Warren:

"Reading this poem is like peering at an ordinary object through a pin prick in a piece of cardboard. The fact that the tiny hole arbitrarily frames the object endows it with an exciting freshness that seems to hover on the verge of revelation." (from Understanding Poetry)

At Blue Sky, Vecchi will present 43 crisp, colorful photographs from the series in delightful celebration of one of the twentieth century's masterwork poems.

An artist currently residing in Italy, Jim Vecchi holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University. His work is in the collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, George Eastman House, Rochester; and the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, among others. Blue Sky previously presented solo exhibitions by Vecchi in 1993 and 1995. He acknowledges the Long Beach Island Foundation, New Jersey, for an Artist Residency during which these photographs were made.

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