Michael Marten

Sea Change

May 7, 2009 - May 31, 2009

Michael Marten of London, England has produced Sea Change, a series of color prints documenting the natural process in action, landscape in motion.   Photographing the coastline of Britain, Marten’s camera captures an entire day of shifting tides revealing landscapes ranging from saltmarsh to white chalk cliffs, muddy estuary to jurassic shoreline.  His diptychs of low and high tide illustrate the twice daily transformation of the coastline and enable us to comprehend simultaneously two moments in time, two states of nature.

Marten states, “I hope these photographs will stimulate people’s awareness of change, and of landscape as dynamic process rather than static image. Attending to earth’s rhythms can help us to reconnect with the fundamentals of our planet, which we ignore at our peril.”