Jennifer Cheek Pantaléon

The Legacy of Lefanmi Selavi: Street Children in Haiti

November 6, 2008 - November 30, 2008

In The Legacy of Lefanmi Selavi: Street Children in Haiti, Jennifer Cheek Pantaléon has documented the lives of Haitian street children in sometimes quiet, sometimes unruly, always beautiful and touching black and white photographs. Pantaléon uses photography as a way to make visual memories. She also sees it as a tool, with herself as a witness to something incredible. Her project sheds light on the injustices of these children—their needs and also their successes. She says, “Through my photographs, I want people to come face to face with these kids, recognize their dignity and existence, and be moved.” The time that Pantaléon spent in Haiti changed her and gave her purpose; she later founded a non-profit with her Haitian husband dedicated to helping Haitian children.