Wolfgang Zurborn


April 5, 2007 - April 28, 2007

In Wolfgang Zurborn’s Drift, photographs are representing a way of seeing the fractured modern world in its overlapping images and contexts. Zurborn is interested in finding the sublime in the ridiculous condition of modern life with a Dadaist awareness of the found object—the ready-mades of architecture, advertising, and the masses in the street, and with a surrealist sense of humour in the collision montage of juxtaposed, multi-layered images combined on a single picture plane. He states, “Normally, we would hardly take notice of many of these objects, which appear insignificant and banal to us. Torn away from their purely functional context, in fragmented form, visually compact, they take on such a highly sensual aura, that they develop deep associations for the observer. We don’t look at things. Things look at us.”