A Portland Family Album: Self-portrait of an African–American Community

A Portland Family Album: Self-portrait of an African-American Community

September 7, 1995 - September 30, 1995

The photographs in A Portland Family Album are copyrighted by the families of Aletha Chavis, Gail Johnson, Jay and Linda Loggins, and Lyda Overton, and by Christopher Rauschenberg (Charlie Mae Hutton album) and Thomas Robinson (Gwendolyn Hooker album and other images). Richard Brown made this show possible by finding the families who generously shared their precious family photographs. Copy negatives were produced by Steve Beals, James Carmin, Christopher Rauschenberg, and Thomas Robinson. The exhibition prints were made by Anne Greenwood, Scott Gregory, Christopher Rauschenberg, Mauricio Rioseco, and Thomas Robinson for the Photo Research Group.