BLUE SKY BOOKS is a special publishing initiative promoting work by photographers who have exhibited previously at Blue Sky.

Available only online as print-on-demand publications, each catalog features a previously unpublished series of photographs seen on Blue Sky’s walls.

Preview each title to look inside any of the current Blue Sky Books and to make a purchase through MagCloud. These catalogues are not available in any store or other online retailer—only through Blue Sky.

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In Transit

Blue Sky Books: In Transit

Focusing on the tentative, limbo-like experience of living between different cultures, these five artists explore narratives of immigrants who traverse the no-man’s land existing between home and hope. The lives of those fleeing unsafe, economically depressed homelands toward dreams of a more…

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Blue Sky Books: Touch

Touch is likely to to be the last sense you think of when you're asked to name the five senses. Yet it is a vital human need. Children that are deprived of enough human touch are scarred by that lack. This book brings together 68 photographs by 58 photographers, exploring this complex subject.

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The Eclipse Show

Blue Sky Books: The Eclipse Show

In 1979 there was a total solar eclipse in the Portland area. Too late, I realized that Blue Sky had missed a great chance to “educate the public about photography” by having an Eclipse Show that had no photographs of the sun and moon. If you picture a photographer at work, you are likely to…

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Creating A Family - Edis Jurcys

Blue Sky Books: Creating A Family - Edis Jurcys

When he first arrived in the US from Lithuania, Edis Jurcys was shocked to see so many homeless people in a rich country. This is a book of his photographs of Portland, Oregon, homeless people with their pets. The photographs were exhibited at Blue Sky Gallery in 1996 and most are accompanied by…

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Ultra Vivid Dreaming

Blue Sky Books: Ultra Vivid Dreaming

Artists Elliott Jerome Brown Jr. and Shikeith are ultra vivid dreamers in their construction of barely possible worlds. These worlds, neatly aestheticized but built on the fringes of agonizingly banal environments, at once affirm the private dreams of Blackness and the power in withholding the…

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Blue Sky Books: BORDERLAND - Alia Ali

The term “borderland” is most commonly referred to as the crossroads where nations collide. It is a porous zone that diffuses outward from an artificially imposed human made punctuation called a border. Borders enact violence on the geography and identity of those living in borderlands. They are…

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