Vojta Sláma

Wolf's Honey

May 7, 2009 - May 31, 2009

In Wolf’s Honey, Vojtěch Sláma from the Czech Republic offers glimpses of his world through his square image Rolleiflex.  Days spent with friends and strangers, fellow photographers and artists, familiar pets and stray cats reveal Sláma’s fascination with the beauty of ordinary life moments. Melancholy landscape photographs, domestic still lifes, portraits and figurative motifs are often captured on a single photograph.

From the forward of his book by the same title, Lucia Lendelova writes, “Vojtěch Sláma’s world of photography is a world four times bent into a square – and sometimes as many as eight times since the diagonally composed picture leans and turns as a cog-wheel. Objects from outside overlap into the picture corners, emphasizing thus the emptiness of their meeting-point in the middle. Centers of other photographs are filled with fractions of things slightly falling outside the border. He does not capture “the world around him”. He defines its contours, space, scents and only retrospectively – makes photographs.”