The intersection of photography and performance

There are many ways to explore photography and over the next few months, we will spend some time exploring our exhibitions through the performing arts. We kicked off this concept in March, when dancer/choreographer Catherine Egan responded to the work of Magda Biernat’s Adrift series. This Saturday evening (April 1), Blue Sky hosts dancer Tracy Broyles and musician Adrian Hutapea in exploring Lauren Semivan’s series, Observatory. I will join Adrian with voice and sound (answering for some of you the question of what I do in my spare time).

Broyles will begin at 7pm, performing throughout the space for about 90 minutes, interacting with Semivan’s work, exploring wind, geometry, alternate viewpoints, and re-arrangement of linear and perceived time.

Audience is invited to come and go observing for as long as they choose.  Sip on a drink (thanks Pike Road Wines), wander, observe, and reflect. A suggested donation of $0 - $10+ will help pay for this and other collaborative programming.

Lauren Semivan’s and Tara Sellios’ exhibitions close on Sunday, April 2, so don’t miss this (almost) final opportunity to engage with this amazing work.

- Lisa DeGrace, Executive Director