Portland Winter Light Festival at Blue Sky

Magic Hour Light Show

by Blue Sky Gallery staff: Zemie Barr (text), Amanda B. Clem (video), Lisa DeGrace (sound)

Blue Sky’s Lisa, Zemie, and Amanda have collaborated on a temporary installation for the 2019 Portland Winter Light Festival. Visit Blue Sky First Thursday (2/7/19) through Saturday night to experience Blue Sky’s special magic light.

On any given sunny day at Blue Sky Gallery, there is a magic moment when the light travels through old warped glass windows and creates a beautiful moving shadow and light dance. Of course in February, there isn’t much light. This video installation pays homage to the sunny days and the beautiful dance of light on our walls, recreating the late afternoon of August, and adding an element of sound. Come watch (and listen to) the light pass by!

This PDXWLF project is created by three intrepid photography lovers and non-profit arts administrators, who also create and support the arts outside of their work at Blue Sky Gallery. Amanda is a host for Art Focus on KBOO, Zemie is co-director of Wolff Gallery, and Lisa is a composer for installation and dance performances.

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Blue Sky