Print Membership Program

For Blue Sky Members who join at the $150 and above levels, one of the many benefits is the opportunity to acquire original photographs from some of the finest emerging and established photographers, many of whom exhibited at Blue Sky. If you would like one of the prints shown below, please note the print code under the selected photograph and enter it when you complete your Blue Sky Membership purchase.

Any questions may be directed to Thank you for your support!

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$150 $275
  • 2013_275_carl_corey_night_trees.jpg Carl Corey 4569 - Burkhardt, Wisconsin (11.5x17") Print Code: Cor1 - JUST ONE LEFT!

  • 2013_275_ray_bidegain_winter_trees_sauvie_island.jpeg Ray Bidegain Winter Trees (8x10") Print Code: Bid1 - JUST ONE LEFT!

  • 2013_275_john_faier_1.jpg John Faier Untitled, Queen of Heaven (1) (12x12") Print Code: Faie1

  • 2013_275_john_faier_2.jpg John Faier Untitled, Queen of Heaven (2) (12x15") Print Code: Faie2

  • 2013_275_john_faier_3.jpg John Faier Untitled, Queen of Heaven (3) (12x15") Print Code: Faie3

  • image012.png Paul Berger Warp & Weft: Ground-Late Fall (13 x 19") Print Code: Berg1

  • image014.png Howard Henry Chen Tropical Fruit Land (13x19") Print Code: Chen1

  • image016.png Peter de Lory White Truck and Cottonwood (14x24") Print Code: Lory1

  • image018.png Anne Fishbein Bread factory, Yaroslavl, Russia (11x14") Print Code: Fish1

  • image020.png Phil Harris Solid Air, 2000 (9.5 x 7.5") Print Code: Harr1

  • image022.png Ann Kendellen Sunken Boat, John Luby Park, Portland, OR (11x14") Print Code: Kend1

  • image026.png Donna Mitchell Untitled (16x20") Print Code: Mitc1 - JUST TWO LEFT!

  • image028.png Dan Nelken Nori (11x14") Print Code: Nelk1

  • image030.png Christopher Rauschenberg From the Portland Grid Project (16x20") Print Code: Raus3

  • image032.png Christopher Rauschenberg Untitled (Baby's hands) (16x20") Print Code: Raus5 - JUST ONE LEFT!

  • image036.png Seth Thompson Magneta Room, Tomasa Navarro Puente Home, Alamitos (11x14") Print Code: Thom1

  • image040.png Kevin Wildermuth Sparkle (30.5 x 13") Print Code: Wild1 - JUST TWO LEFT!

  • image042.png Kelli Yon Gold & Green Beads Hanging, from the Estate Sales series (11x11") Print Code: Yon1 - JUST ONE LEFT!

  • image044.png Kelli Yon Silver Beads on Floor (11x11") Print Code: Yon2

  • vitone_joe-2.jpg Joseph Vitone Traffic Passing the Typical Striped Covering of Buildings Under Construction, Hanoi, Vietnam (10x17") Print Code: Vint1

  • 2013_500_torben_eskerod_-campo_verano.jpg Torben Eskerod untitled image, #9 from Campo Verano (24x40") Print Code: Tor1

  • 2013_500_ritteman_dezhou0.jpg Philipp Scholz Rittermann Card Game, Coal Power Plant , Dezhou, Shandong Province, China (PRC) (11x17") Print Code: Rit1 - JUST ONE LEFT!

  • 2013_500_ritterman_barge.jpg Philipp Scholz Rittermann Dusk on the Barge, Shandong Province, China (PRC) (11x17") Print Code: Rit2

  • laurie-lambrecht-r.jpg Laurie Lambrecht Southampton Studio Paints (1990 (from the series, "In Roy Lichtenstein's Studio") (Edition of 15) 10.5x10.5") Print Code: Lam1 - JUST ONE LEFT!

  • 2013_1000_mitch_dobrowner_storm_cell_kansas.jpg Mitch Dobrowner Storm Cell, Kansas (11x16.5") Print Code: SOLD OUT