Nine Gallery

What if we let it?

by Nan Curtis

NINE Gallery, 2017

‘What if we let it?’ is an installation of sculptures that asks us to ponder our current situation and simply consider the potential for several outcomes. It does not dictate a certain perspective but empowers the viewer to decide for themselves, based on their own experience. These are troubled times we live in and finding our own power maybe our best recourse. Each of these objects begs consideration because of it’s open ended interpretation.

Curtis’ sculptures continue to engage a conversation about family, childhood, social relationships and place. The potential of these objects and their environments to embody the more uncomfortable and difficult aspects of everyday life has captivated the artist for many years. The desire for psychological penetration is the through-line in the various bodies of work. Curtis wants the viewer to be ensnared by familiarity—lured into more enigmatic and visceral reactions to the work they are experiencing.

Shelves outside the gallery contain The Rekindling, a recently published, limited edition, artists’ book, Tobacco Covered Candy and several studio oddities that serve as inspiration, but never seem to make it into the shows. The red mylar screen is also available as a site specific installation in your home.

Catalogs available for sale – $35, contact the artist directly at to purchase.

Nine Gallery was founded in 1987 by nine artists interested in working periodically outside the context of the commercial gallery. It is an artist-run cooperative and is administratively and financially independent from Blue Sky, as it is funded solely by its members. Each member of Nine Gallery is in charge of the gallery for one month each year. Usually members show their own work, however, they are also welcome to curate shows of other artists’ work. Periodically the members of Nine Gallery, who now number eleven, present work together in group exhibitions, and at other times they collectively invite other artists to show. Beyond the general interest in creating a largely non-commercial exhibition environment with a minimum of bureaucratic and institutional structure, the members of Nine Gallery have no collective ideological program or philosophy.

To purchase a copy of Nine @ 25, a Blurb publication celebrating Nine Gallery’s 25th anniversary, follow this link.

Nine Gallery shares the same hours as Blue Sky.