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July 6 - July 31, 2016

Project RayOn 2016
Curated by Horatio Hung-Yan Law

Project RayOn 2016 presents an exhibition of new and unfamiliar works by four mid-career Portland artists at Nine Gallery. Curated by Horatio Hung-Yan Law, the works by the four anonymous artists are exploratory in nature, representing their intense forays into milieux outside of their current artistic paths, under the guise of the alter ego/pseudonym of RayOn.

About Project RayOn: 
“Rayon” is a fiber derived from naturally occurring cellulose that is repurposed/regenerated into a new material. Project RayOn, created by artist Horatio Hung-Yan Law, aims to provide opportunities for artists who are interested to explore other artistic possibilities and personas, expressing their creativity very differently than their current work or artistic identity may permit.


Project RayOn invites artists to consider the artistic road not taken, to break out, or simply to follow a one-off exploration into unfamiliar ideas, mediums and territories. The anonymous nature of the project encourages artists to create work without the constraints or expectations that sometimes come with following a particular career path and developing a certain reputation. Asking the question “What would RayOn do?” may open new doors to unexpected adventures.

Images featured on the event photo, are created by three of the four anonymous artists participating in the exhibition.

Nine Gallery was founded in 1987 by nine artists interested in working periodically outside the context of the commercial gallery. It is an artist-run cooperative and is administratively and financially independent from Blue Sky, as it is funded solely by its members. Each member of Nine Gallery is in charge of the gallery for one month each year. Usually members show their own work, however, they are also welcome to curate shows of other artists’ work. Periodically the members of Nine Gallery, who now number eleven, present work together in group exhibitions, and at other times they collectively invite other artists to show. Beyond the general interest in creating a largely non-commercial exhibition environment with a minimum of bureaucratic and institutional structure, the members of Nine Gallery have no collective ideological program or philosophy.
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