Upcoming Exhibitions

January 2016

Jim Lommasson, "Exit Wounds and What We Carried"

February 2016

Kris Graves, "The Testament Project"

Michelle Frankfurter, "Destino"

March 2016

Paccarik Orue, "El Muqui"

William Binzen, "Azimuth"

April 2016

2015 Critical Mass Exhibition Award (TBD)

Peter Brown Leighton, "Man Lives Through Plutonium Blast"

May 2016

Andrés Wertheim, "The Museum's Ghosts"

Thomas Bilanges, "Vis-à -Vies"

June 2016

Blake Andrews, "Pictures of the Gone World"

Andrea Diefenbach, "Land Ohne Eltern"

July 2016

Cat Del Buono, "Voices"

Martin Klimas, "Porcelain Figurines"

August 2016

Harold Feinstein, "Retrospective"