Upcoming Exhibitions

May 2015

Nadia Sablin, "From the Mountains to the Sea"

Scott Dalton, "Where the River Bends"

June 2015

Gordon Parks, "Segregation Story"

Samer Mohdad, "Accomplished Visions: The Arabs"

July 2015

Paris Petridis, "The Void and the Country"

Mila Teshaieva, "Promising Waters"

August 2015

Jan Kempenaers, "Spomenik"

Marc Shoul, "Brakpan"

September 2015

Kent Rogowski, "Love = Love"

Peter Rock, "Spells"

October 2015

Thomas Alleman, "Mongolia"

November 2015

Thomas Gardiner, "Untitled USA and Western Canada"

Romain Blanquart, "Under the Carcass Lays the Soul"

December 2015

Birte Kaufmann, "The Travellers"

Pedro David, "360 Square Meters and Norwegian Wood"

January 2016

Jim Lommasson, "Exit Wounds and What We Carried"