Reiner Riedler

December 3, 2009 - January 3, 2010

China, Shenzhen; "Minsk World"

China, Shenzhen; Themepark "Minsk World". The Aircraft Carrier was built in the 70s by the Russians. After that it was sold to the Chinese in the late 90s, who decided to bring the Ship from Russia to China to restore it and make a Themepark out of it. It now lies in the harbour of Shenzhen and attracts thousend of tourists.© Reiner Riedler

Dubai, Ski Dubai

Dubai, Ski Dubai, Indoor Skiing Hall, local visitors© Reiner Riedler / Anzenberger

Turkey; Antalya; Lara Beach; World of Wonders, Kremlin Palace

Turkey; Antalya; Lara Beach; World of Wonders, Kremlin Palace; Animator dressed as Superman© Reiner Riedler / Anzenberger

Germany; Indoor Pool "Tropical Islands"

Germany; Indoor Pool "Tropical Islands" in Berlin Brandenburg;© Reiner Riedler / Anzenberger

Wild River Florida

USA, Florida, Orlando: Disney waterpark "Typhoon Lagoon"© Reiner Riedler / Anzenberger

Window of the World, China

China, Shenzhen, Themepark Window of the World, Wedding couple in front of Egyptian Pyramides© Reiner Riedler

Reiner Riedler

In 2004, Austrian artist Reiner Riedler began a documentary project of photographing the environments and inhabitants of theme parks around the world.  “Fake Holidays” transports viewers to the artificial landscapes of leisure destinations as varied as Florida, Turkey, and China.  Riedler’s vivid images starkly illuminate the incongruities of tourists visiting sites such as a “tropical” resort near Berlin, an indoor ice-cave in Dubai, and the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas. His photographs shed light on how today’s consumer culture allows for fantasy to become reality in such extreme places.