2016 Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers

April 7, 2016 - March 31, 2017

image © Bobby Abrahamson

image © Gary Albertson

image © Beaudry Allen

image © Lewis Anderson

image © Zeb Andrews

image © James Bailey

image © Susan Bein

image © Rich Bergeman

image © Skyra Beveridge

image © Ray Bidegain

image © Susan Biggs

image © Victor Bloomfield

image © Nancy Butler

image © Anna Campbell

image © Minh Carrico

image © Tara Champion

image © Larry Clark

image © Jamie Conners

image © Ronan Considine

image © Will Corwin

image © Kevin Coulton

image © Lisa Davidson

image © Susan de Witt

image © Vernon DiPietro

image © Christopher Drake

image © Kevin Ebi

image © Al Flory

image © Dean Forbes

image © C. Bruce Forster

image © Barbara Gilson

image © Joe Glasgow

image © Lauren Grabelle

image © Bob Haft

image © Stewart Harvey

image © Zane Healy

image © Ken Hochfeld

image © Kevin Horan

image © Ann Kendellen

image © Kory Kingsley

image © Zachary Kolden

image © Brian Kosoff

image © Zachary Krahmer

image © David Kressler

image © Justin Lane

image © Jay Lansford

image © J. Jason Lazarus

image © Stefan Lesueur

image © Stu Levy

image © Jim Lommasson

image © Marcia Mahoney

image © Roberta Margolis

image © Robbie McClaran

image © Sandee McGee

image © Rachel McLain

image © Jung Min

image © Janet Neuhauser

image © Stan Raucher

image © Christopher Rauschenberg

image © Shawn Records

image © Rich Rollins

image © Sara Skwira

image © Deb Stoner

image © Dale Strousse

image © Cody Swanson

image © Sarah Taft

image © Alan Wieder

image © Kevin Wildermuth

2016 Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers

2016 Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers

Debuting on First Thursday, April 7, and coinciding with Portland Photo Month, each artist will be represented by 10 original photographic prints or objects from a single body of work in a dedicated archival, flat file drawer at Blue Sky through March 2017.

The complete list of artists selected from more than 170 submissions includes:

Bobby Abrahamson • Gary Albertson • Beaudry Allen • Lewis Anderson • Zeb Andrews
James Bailey • Susan Bein • Rich Bergeman • Skyra Beveridge • Ray Bidegain • Susan Biggs
Victor Bloomfield • Nancy Butler • Anna Campbell • Minh Carrico • Tara Champion • Larry Clark
Jamie Conners •Ronan Considine • Will Corwin • Kevin Coulton • Lisa Davidson • Susan De Witt
Vernon DiPietro • Christopher Drake • Kevin Ebi • Al Flory • Dean Forbes • C. Bruce Forster
Barbara Gilson • Joseph Glasgow • Lauren Grabelle • Bob Haft • Stewart Harvey
Zane Healy • Ken Hochfeld • Kevin Horan • Ann Kendellen • Kory Kingsley • Zachary Kolden
Brian Kosoff • Zachary Krahmer • David Kressler • Justin Lane • Jay Lansford • J. Jason Lazarus
Stefan Lesueur • Stu Levy • James Lommasson • Marcia Mahoney • Roberta Margolis
Robbie McClaran • Sandee McGee • Rachel McLain • Jung Min • Janet Neuhauser • Stan Raucher
Christopher Rauschenberg • Shawn Records • Rich Rollins • Sarah Skwira • Deb Stoner
Dale Strouse • Cody Swanson • Sarah Taft • Alan Wieder • Kevin Wildermuth

From Katherine Ware, our juror for the 2016 Drawers exhibition:

“Serving as juror for Blue Sky allowed me to sample some of the most interesting work being made in the Northwest right now and to try to summarize that wealth of images for The Drawers. This is a tremendous resource that anyone can use and it changes every year. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover something inspiring.”


Katherine Ware is Curator of Photography at the New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe. The museum houses the state’s art collection and is located on Santa Fe’s historic plaza. Ware previously served as Curator of Photographs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, as Assistant Curator in the Department of Photographs at the J. Paul Getty Museum, and has worked with the photography collection at the Oakland Museum of California. She is a frequent juror and reviewer of contemporary photographs and has written essays and books on the art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.