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Ima Mfon in Conversation with Dr. Derrais Carter

To provide a more in-depth look at our June exhibition, Ima Mfon’s “Nigerian Identity,” Portland writer and scholar Derrais Carter recently interviewed artist Ima Mfon about the series, which is currently on view at Blue Sky through July 2, 2017. Nigerian Identity: Untitled 17, 2015 © Ima Mfon. Courtesy of Rick Wester Fine Art, New York. — Derrais Carter: In [...]

Our 2017 Viewing Drawers and Library Exhibition

From now through May 19th, our Library is featuring Relief – ten thematically-intertwined prints by Nickolas Hurlbut, Rachel McLain, and Hazel Glass, curated by Claire Bassett. These three artists are also select participants in our 2017 Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers. Hurlbut and Glass are based here in Portland, while McLain is based in Eugene, [...]

Connecting Boundaries in the work of Carol Yarrow and Terri Warpinski

The two Drawers photographers whose work is on display this week, Carol Yarrow and Terri Warpinski, both traveled away from home to photograph these wonderful series: Yarrow photographs the many different personalities of primates in the jungle of Cameroon, while Warpinski’s Surface Tension focuses on the Berlin Wall, the U.S.-Mexico Border, and the Israeli-Palestinian separation [...]

Isolated Dwellings by Mary Stroud and Tina Tran

The two Drawers photographers whose work is on display this week, Mary Stroud and Tina Tran, both focus on isolation particularly in their homes and neighborhoods: Stroud photographs the abandoned dwellings on the remote Arctic coast of Alaska, while Tran’s work explores the intimate moments that take place inside her brother’s home. Mary Stroud is [...]

Southern Perspective: photographs by Kory Jean Kingsley

This past week at Blue Sky Gallery, I have displayed some prints from my most recent series titled “To Be Here,” on the “No Strings” wall, a weekly non-juried opportunity. I’ve just recently moved to Portland to pursue my career as a photographer.  I’ve spent the last four years living in Savannah, Georgia where I [...]

Extraordinary Vacant Spaces with William Rihel and Christopher Rauschenberg

The two Drawers photographers whose work is on display this week, William Rihel and Christopher Rauschenberg, focus on finding the extraordinary moments within the ordinary: Rihel creates narratives by including traces of humans without their physical presence, while Rauschenberg’s work explores light and space in neighborhoods and alleyways in places far from home. William Rihel [...]

Environmental Rebirth and Human Interaction through the Photography of Stan Raucher and Adam Ottavi

The two drawer photographers whose work is on display this week, Stan Raucher and Adam Ottavi, explore human interaction and rebirth in the natural world: Raucher creates scenes focusing on human connections, while Ottavi’s work explores the rebirth of Mother Earth, juxtaposing burnt wood, surrounded by the still living and thriving forest in the background. [...]

Interwoven Opposites

Visual and Thematic Layers in the Photography of Larry Larsen and Frank Lavelle The two drawers photographers whose work is on display this week, Larry Larsen and Frank Lavelle, explore collisions and contradictions: Larsen creates scenes focused on the interplay of light and color, in which opposites interact and collapse, while Lavelle’s work explores more [...]

Monochrome and Color Landscape in the work of Brian Kosoff and Jenni Kowal

The Drawers photographers whose work is on display this week, Brian Kosoff and Jenni Kowal, both portray landscape, but in vastly different manners. Kosoff’s large-format nightscapes explore the uncanny nature of rural scenery, while Jenni Kowal’s color-saturated mountain scenes depict natural cycles, both monumental and slight. Brian Kosoff offers us vacant cemeteries under the moonlight, [...]

Modern Landscape

Urban and Western Scenes in the Work of Ann Kendellen and John Kane This week, I decided to divert from the model of past weeks’ blog posts: rather than examining the two Drawers photographers in conjunction with one another, through the lens of their commonalities, I examine them both separately. This has allowed me to [...]